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"Vericlean have outperformed our expectations, all cleaning staff are polite and professional. I would have no hesitation in recommending this company." Financial Manager - Cova Security Gates Ltd

"We have been impressed by the level of professionalism we have received from Vericlean from both the Management team and the Cleaning operatives." Regional Director - International Delta Airlines 

If you are looking for a Guildford cleaning company that can offer

  • Great value for money cleaning services.
  • Comprehensive insurance for your peace of mind.
  • Friendly, reliable, fully trained cleaning operatives.
  • Compliance with all current health & safety legislation.
  • A consistently high service from a family owned business.

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We are a professional cleaning company operating across Guildford with a history going back to 1970, providing high quality office cleaning services to commercial customers across Guildford. Our office cleaning processes are good for the environment and we carry out green cleaning in offices and factories in Guildford. For all your office cleaning needs in Guildford call Vericlean, all of our cleaning operatives are fully trained and insured. You can be confident that our Guildfordcleaners will meet all your expectations. Why not put our office cleaning experience, product knowledge and attention to detail to work for you and get a comprehensive cleaning solution you can count on.

Vericlean Office Cleaners  the perfect choice for commercial cleaning services in Guildford. A family owned business that has over forty years of experience as office cleaners. Vericlean provides you with fast, efficient and regular service that frees you from having to manage your cleaning chores. As a company Vericlean practices and promotes green commercial cleaning methods and products that are environmentally friendly and safe and are beneficial to Guildford and the environment, it means that your employees and premises are also safe from harsh detergents and chemicals left behind in your office.

Office Cleaning

We can provide our office cleaning services on a daily, weekly or monthly basis and we’re available both during and after normal office hours to meet with the needs of our clients. Our friendly and efficient uniformed cleaning operatives are well-managed and trained and we provide on-site audits to ensure the quality of our services. Our Guildford cleaners are fully insured. We provide complete risk assessments and method statements and we strictly adhere to all the requirements under the Health & Safety at Work Act of 1974.

Industrial & Factory Cleaning

We also are well-versed in the cleaning of commercial warehouses and light-industrial factories in Guildford, and we can offer you an initial, one-off deep clean service which will set the standard for the level of cleanliness that we will continue to maintain on a regularly scheduled basis.

Specialised & Window Cleaning Services

We also specialise in providing carpet, window and washroom / laundry services. For our carpet cleaning we use the powerful Ninja portable system of carpet cleaning. We also provide both dry-powder and hot water carpet cleaning. Our commercial window cleaning service utilises the ‘Reach &  Wash’ water-fed pole system which enables us to clean windows up to 50 feet off the ground without having to use a ladder. For those jobs that do require the use of a ladder or other means to reach the windows, we maintain the utmost in safety precautions and perform a complete risk assessment before we undertake a window cleaning contract. Our window cleaning team are also ‘working at height’ compliant following all safety rules, having been trained in the craft of window cleaning by the British Window Cleaning Academy.

For our washroom and laundry services, we provide a complete range of fragrances, soaps, janitorial supplies, paper products, sanitary disposal bins for women’s hygiene products and nappies as well as vending machines that will be regularly maintained and stocked. We also supply entrance mats in an array of colours and styles, as well as bathroom roller towels and tea towels that will be regularly laundered and replaced. 

A Family Business

Vericlean is owned and run by Ben, Robert and Michelle Hearne who, have over forty years of experience in the commercial cleaning industry operating in Guildford. Together we set a standard of service in Guildfordthat makes Vericlean the clear choice for our regular commercial customers. The manner in which we manage our professional staff of cleaners helps to ensure that the standards that we have set ourselves and  built up through  years of experience can be enjoyed today by our valued Guildford customers.

Call us today to see how we can provide your office or business with commercial cleaning services.

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