Croydon Council Cracking Down on Fly-Tippers

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Croydon Council Cracking Down on Fly-Tippers

Croydon Council has negotiated several new contracts with cleaning and waste disposal companies which aim to make litter cleaning more efficient as well as reduce fly-tipping.

With the introduction of new smartphone apps and strategically placed and monitored CCTV cameras, fly-tipping reports have been on the rise throughout the year, with offenders being named and shamed in an effort to reduce potential offenders. More than 80 new “Bigbelly” bins have been installed in the boroughs busiest and most offended locations, especially around the district centres and near stations. These bins have been made with built in solar-powered trash compactors, which means they can take in eight times the amount of waste that a regular bin would be able to, and so they need emptying less often. This frees up time and resources for contracted cleaners to do more proactive street cleaning and work towards waste prevention, as their time is no longer taken up emptying bins.

New policies are also being drafted to reduce times that companies can place their rubbish out for it to be collected, as the excess of rubbish bins waiting to be collected often encourages people to fly-tip, mistakenly thinking that these waste collection deposits are just the result of other people fly-tipping.

We are constantly working hard to reduce the cost of industrial cleans in order to mitigate the problem, by making professional cleaning services more affordable to the general population.