Recycling increased with Croydon's new public Bins Scheme

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Recycling increased with Croydon's new public Bins Scheme

Since Last Week Croydon Council has had more than one thousand, five hundred new bin installations all across the borough in an attempt to kickstart a new and revamped system for waste collection. The aim being to create a larger system of waste collection which is streamlined, efficient and can be scaled up to operate in multiple boroughs and be executed by multiple teams and organizations of rubbish collectors.

Since the operation has begun, Croydon has seen a significant increase in its recycling rates, providing strong evidence that the bins have been welcomed by the community; the council has also received letters from a portion of the residents stating their pleasure with the new system.

The recycling rates in Croydon Council have since increased by a full 9% from what they were previously, bringing the total up to 45% for this year.

Residents have also been both impressed and surprised by the quality of collection services with regards to the new bin, as it has commonly been regarded that new systems often bring with them a slew of problems during the initial implementation. However the initial campaign to bring these new bins into circulation has had little to no problems at all since the start.

Additionally, the council are also offering advanced collection services for those who find it difficult or are otherwise unable to move the bins from their front gardens to the collection point on the road.

The council are currently working on uniforming this new scheme for waste collection across the entire council to ensure that the entire process remains streamlined and consistent before moving into new areas. Locally operating cleaning company Vericlean has pitched in saying that the council is right to think that a good system is key to solving Croydon's rubbish problems. Their methods will help to eliminate doubt and hiccups and allow rubbish to be collected in an orderly and consistent manner.