Deep Clean in Croydon Town Centre

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Deep Clean in Croydon Town Centre

An organization known as the business improvement district has been taking a stand on the state of the streets of Croydon’s Town Centre, claiming that parts of the area have been under neglect for far too long, and have funded a deep clean campaign centered around striking a balance between supporting those areas most in need of the services, as well as those areas most trafficked by the public.

The business improvement district, or BID as they are known, have explored its current street cleaning team for an extra day per week, increasing their total workload to a three day week, with each shift compromising nine hours. It is during this time that the team have used industrial equipment to deep-clean pavements and public areas, removing gum and trash from the streets, as well as having cleaned over 500 sets of public furniture such as benches and bins, and also cleaned up much of the graffiti in the area.

The extra money for this endeavor has been raised via income from businesses operating in the local area, combined with the council tax that these businesses are usually subject to.

Locally operating office cleaning company Vericlean have mentioned that this attempt by businesses to clean up the streets is commendable, as clean streets not only mean better quality of life for those who use them on a daily basis, but the revitalized and maintained appearance is likely to lead to increases in business as people feel more comfortable spending time in the are.

The businesses that are taking part in funding this deep clean effort consider their input an investment in the area, as the improvement in environment is going to make a huge difference in the lives of people who spend a considerable portion of their day moving through Croydon’s busy town centre on a daily basis.