Flooding Submerges Motorway near Crawley

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Flooding Submerges Motorway near Crawley

Continuous clean-up operation is being done on the motorway as it has been shut due to flooding. No clear schedule of reopening for the flooded motorway yet. The motorway have been shut whole day of December 20, Friday.

Junction 10 (Crawley) and Junction 11 (Pease Pottage) carriageways, which is near the airport in Gatwick, have been flooded and was then shut while it’s being cleaned up, since six in the morning.

According to the Police Department of Sussex, the riverbanks nearby have burst which caused added flooding. Heavy flow of water gushed down the motorway which submerged all the lanes.

The heavy rainfall on the early morning of Thursday, December 19, caused for the motorway to be flooded along with some other areas of the surrounding places . The flooding left Surrey and other nearby areas suffering from the flood. A SurreyLive photographer Grahame Larter stood on the bridge over the motorway to get a shot at the flood while the clean-up operation is in action.

At noonday, when the motorway hasn’t reopened, the Sussex Police’s Roads Policing Unit explained to the people that there is a possibility that it may not reopen throughout the day to avoid accidents.

"Our maintenance teams continue to work on clearing the water but the road is likely to remain closed for several more hours due to the volume of water involved”, Highways England was quoted saying when they were asked for comments about the motorway being shut.

There was a diversion road to assist those who have been affected by the temporary closure of the motorway. Although the motorists have also been warned that there might also be some flooding in the alternate roads. Traffic is building up on both directions as the motorists approach the closed junctions.