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Laundry Mats and Floor Tread Mats

At Vericlean Ltd, we understand the importance of high levels of cleanliness in the workplace, especially when it comes to a business's bathrooms and toilet facilities.

This is why one of the services we provide is to supply customers with a variety of laundry mats and floor tread mats which can be replaced and cleaned, as and when it’s needed.

As part of our wide range of office bathroom products, we supply businesses with laundry mats, floor tread mats and entrance mats in an array of colours and flairs, as well as washroom roller towels and tea towels that will be laundered on a regular basis and replaced.

Get in touch with us today about the range of office cleaning services and office toilet supplies we provide across Surrey, London, Crawley & Gatwick and find out more about how our professional team can keep your business clean, hygienic and safe.