Major incident barely averted as Rubbish Lorry catches fire in Croydon

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Major incident barely averted as Rubbish Lorry catches fire in Croydon

A bin Lorry Caught fire near Langley Green last month due to a toxic mix of materials were thrown out side by side during a routine rubbish pick up,. It is believed that the fire may have been caused by a combinations of still energized batteries colliding with a disposable barbeque set which had only recently been used and as such was still smouldering. The movement of the Lorry down the road more than likely caused the rubbish bins contained inside to move around and collide causing the otherwise inane components to combust after reacting strongly together combined with the force of the movement.

Thankfully, no member of the public or rubbish collection crew were harmed during the incident, which was swiftly dealt with my Crawley Council’s adept local fire crew who arrived at the scene promptly. The local fire crew were informed of the potential incident by a nearby Biffa worker who happened to catch sight of the kindling embers before the Lorry caught fully alight, potentially saving the lives of the people inside.

After the fire had been dealt with, the council’s own community cleaning team were dispatched to ensure that all dangerous rubbish and debris were dealt with and disposed of in a safe and environmentally safe manner.

Locally operating cleaning company, Vericlean, pitched in with their opinion. On how it’s important for people and professionals alike to be aware of what facilities they are using and how they might interact. Although it might seem simple to just “bin it” it is still important to be aware how certain chemicals might react in their new environment and to dispose of rubbish as well as generally clean with patience and care.