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Office Covid 19 Disinfection Services

In recent years, we’ve all seen how damaging a virus like COVID-19 can be and as such, how important Coronavirus disinfection has become.

Not only can these types of viruses cause disruption to businesses and economies on a massive scale, but the safety and wellbeing of workforces are at risk in environments where the proper hygiene precautions and Covid 19 disinfection practices are not in place. Germs, viruses and bacteria can thrive.

Vericlean Office Cleaners Ltd regularly provides businesses of all sizes across Surrey, South London, Crawley & Gatwick with office Covid 19 disinfection services to help ensure workers are protected in their workplaces.

Our professional office cleaning experts not only come with years of experience, the latest equipment and the most effective cleaning products and methods, but we’ve listened to what scientists believe are the best ways to ensure Coronavirus disinfection is guaranteed.

All relevant health & safety regulations will be complied with when we carry out your Coronavirus disinfection, which can take the form of a one-off deep clean, or regular office Covid 19 disinfection service for added peace of mind.

There are many ways to ensure your workforce is protected against the risk of Covid 19 - and Coronavirus disinfection is an excellent example. If you’re looking for a germ and virus free working environment, get in touch with a member of our office Covid 19 disinfection team and find out more about how it’s done today.