Public litter clean announced in Croydon following Keep Britain Tidy Campaign

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Public litter clean announced in Croydon following Keep Britain Tidy Campaign

Croydon Council have recently launched their own supplementary cleaning campaign to coincide with the recent Keep Britain Tidy Campaign, a movement which aims to bring a more community oriented approach to keeping the streets of Britain's towns and cities clean and free from litter.

The council have named their Croydon based campaign “Heroes Assemble” and it is part of a wider and annually organized “Clean-up Britain” operation, which sees many cities and towns across the UK come together under the hashtag #litterheroes in order to support their council in cleaning up the local environment.

Croydon Council’s motivation behind the project stems from their belief that clean streets result in a happier populace, and that people would enjoy a greater quality of life due to the lightened mood and atmosphere that a clean environment creates. They believe that the whole of the UK sees millions of pounds wasted cleaning up after people which could be avoided, if only people took more pride in their local area and worked hard to keep it clean and respectable.

The Council believe that community clean ups, with the right backing, set a good example for the population and prove that taking pride in your local area and community really does make a difference to the general attitude the rest of the residents take to their area. They aim to continue throughout the year with similar events which focus on cleaning up the environment. These will run concurrently with another groups projects, known as the “Street Champions”, a group of residents who dedicate themselves to keeping the streets clean and environmentally friendly. This includes all sorts of activities from planting new trees and flowers to education programs aimed at keeping the environment well maintained.

Our aim is to support local companies in Croydon, to help make the area a cleaner and more environmentally stronger place. We offer office cleaning solutions in Croydon, to try and reduce the amount of business waste and build a larger community to keep the streets clean.