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Residents in Crawley take community cleaning into their own hands

Residents on Northgate road have recently taken matters into their own hands with regards to cleaning up the back alleys between houses around Northgate road and the town hall.

The ensuing community led campaign was kickstarted by residents after their pleas to the council for better quality cleaning services were left unanswered. In the last several years the alley had become a local dumping ground for needles, knives, alcohol bottles and the like, as well as a makeshift getaway and hideout for drug and alcohol abuse.

The growing mess being created behind the houses was causing concern for the residents, as the place had become unsightly and and the state was only getting worse. The sight of it was causing residents to become more conscious of the surrounding dangers and was taking a toll on the atmosphere of the community.

Even as attempts to clean the area had been taken in the pass, the problem only persisted as more rubbish would appear within the short space of a couple of days.

This is why the community have begun to take serious action into their own hands in cleaning up the alleyways and keeping the community safe. Residents who have wished to remain anonymous have stated their desire to implement more organized and serious community watch programs as well as dedicated cleaning days and schedules in order to keep their area feeling clean, secure and, most importantly, feeling safe and habitable.

Locally operating cleaning company, Vericlean, has pitched in with their thoughts, saying that it is important that residents remember to take appropriate measures regarding proper sanitation and disposal of objects such as bottles and knives, and that they hope their effort is able to make a difference to the community