Sales Manager Ditches Job to become Cleaner

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Sales Manager Ditches Job to become Cleaner

Former Sales manager Mark Kelly has successfully run his own out-of-van cleaning business for over a year since its inception, and is now celebrating its anniversary.

The 58 year old former sales manager was previously working in a highly prestigious position in the hairdressing industry, when one day he decided he needed a change.

Mark Kelly has mentioned that working in global sales left him constantly tired, and after a 30 year career dedicated to a single industry, it was time to experiment with something new.

Putting his previously long, arduous hours, coupled with a generous salary behind him, Mark started knocking on doors around Brighton, offering his own wheelie-bin cleaning services.

The seeds of the idea first sprouted in Nottingham, whilst Mark was staying round his sisters. Suddenly there was a knock on the door, and his sister told him it was the bin-cleaner man.

Noticing the hidden genius in this idea, Mark lept to action, setting up his own wheelie-bin cleaning business in Brighton, and starting the towns first ever bin cleaning service. Soon Mark was bringing in enough to earn a living, covering many of the towns along the south coast.

Locally operating office cleaning company Vericlean has remarked upon his new start up, adding that it is a wonderful idea and will help to maintain a clean and tidy atmosphere on the streets of Brighton.

Cleaning roadside bins is not without its challenges however. Mark recounts his first job being nothing short of terrible due to the state of the bin. However, he soon adjusted, mounting a dock and jet wash into the back of his van to make the job much easier and more efficient.

Mark’s customer base is growing and growing, with many of them being repeat customers, he says he hopes to double his customer base in time.