Sanitary Waste Disposal | Sanitary Bin Collection Service

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Sanitary Waste Disposal | Sanitary Bin Collection Service

Not only is it vital that your business has the correct sanitary product disposal system, but ensuring a regular and effective sanitary bin collection service is just as important for keeping your office bathroom clean and germ-free.

Germs and harmful bacteria can build up over time when sanitary products are disposed of correctly in the bins provided, which is why correct sanitary waste management is a must.

Vericlean’s professional team of experts will not only ensure your office bathroom is stocked up with the correct feminine hygiene products, but our sanitary bin collection service will help to ensure the area stays clean and usable, with no unpleasant odours.

Our sanitary waste disposal service can be used for sanitary disposal bins for women's hygiene products and nappy bins.  We also provide a complete range of sanitary products as well as a sanitary bin collection service and supply.

Get in touch with us today about the sanitary waste management services that Vericlean Ltd provides for businesses across Surrey, London, Crawley & Gatwick.