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Suppliers of Sanitary Disposal Bins and Sanitary Waste Bins

It is vital that office staff and visitors to your business have access to clean and appropriate toilet facilities and this includes access to proper sanitary disposal bins or sanitary waste bins.

Germs and harmful bacteria that build up over time in an office bathroom can be extremely hazardous to everyone’s health, which is why sanitary waste bins must always be regularly emptied and maintained in order to provide a safe environment for those using the facilities.

Vericlean’s professional team of experts will not only ensure that your office bathroom is thoroughly cleaned and sterilised to your satisfaction, using the best products and methods available, but we will also take care of the upkeep of your facilities.

This includes the regular emptying of sanitary disposal bins for women's hygiene products and nappies, which will not only keep things more hygienic, but will help to remove the unpleasant odours which commonly exist.

We also provide a complete range of sanitary products as well as sanitary disposal bin collection and supply. Get in touch with us today about the sanitary waste bins we can provide for your staff’s use and the regular services which your office bathroom needs to remain clean and functional