Lunch Breaks may also mean Trash Breaks for the People of Brighton

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Lunch Breaks may also mean Trash Breaks for the People of Brighton

A group of people have organized a beach clean during their lunch time on Nov. 12, between 12 to 2 in the afternoon.

Surfers Against Sewage, an organization whose initiative is to help clean the seas, and Creative Bloom, together has organized this healthy event to prepare for The Meaning Conference.

There will be a series of adventures and organized events which were independently collaborated and well planned. This Fringe Festival, happening during the hours and days of the conference, which The Meaning Conference will be holding, is meant to extend the purpose and spirit of Meaning.

The Meaning Conference happens every November in Brighton. It aims to provide activities that will help people show the real ideas behind just thoughts. It provides these travellers a room to know and learn more.

There will be a great chance for the attendees, while sacrificing their lunch breaks, to be educated on the issues of plastic pollution and how to address it. The sea pollution is a growing concern in Brighton due to se creatures like marine mammals and seabirds dying every 30 seconds due to plastic pollution.

These organizations, together, are appealing to the Brightonians, to help clean our seas and get rid of plastics which kill the sea life. A few minutes out of everyone’s day is enough to tackle the problem of plastics on the seas, as long as it is done together, one lunch break at a time.

Time to clean the seas and educate everyone about plastic solution and its severity. Time to take care of the health and of the sea and the beach . time to make a difference and get involved in making a difference and help fight the plastic problem. It is always a relaxing affair for people who care and are willing to take the time. Even on big events in Brighton, such as the Brighton Pride clean up, there will be a helpful crew to clean up the streets.