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The A27 had not seen a clean up in three years which caught the attention of the campaigners to act. There were litters by the roadside, including weeds, shrubs and branches that had been spread when the contractors have cut them. This practice had resulted waste pollution which affected the crops, animal feed as well as the water flow.The MPs and the Council Leaders have urged the government to visit the rules about roadside litter clearance and simplify it.

The cause of worry is the safety for the motorist, there is a risk of debris to cause crash, or those trash to clog the drains which may cause dangerous flooding.

A new campaign group has been created to remind those who oversee the roads to act and do their part in keeping it clean.

The people who are behind, pushing the campaign to move forward are Lloyd Russel-Moyle, Brighton Kemptown MP and Nancy Platts,Hove City Council Leaderwho are both Labour. Other leaders who supported the cause are Bevendean,Maria Caulfield,Lewes Conservative MP, Neil Parker, Adur District Council’s Tory leader, the new Green leader of Lewes District City Council who also works as a health chief in Brighton. They have written to the new Tory Transport Secretary, Grant Shapps, to make Highways England, who maintains and repair major roads, be responsible to make the A27 roadside free from rubbish.

There’s a current rule that says the councils are in charge of removing litter along the roadside which the campaigners see as not effective. They suggest proper coordination between HIghway England’s contractors and the local authorities so that the litter will be picked up while maintenance works are taking place. If this is not done, the shredded rubbish are too small to be picked up and eventually would be embedded in the soil which would affect the wildlife in the area, the flora and over time, the water supply and then the seas, not to mention the blockage of the roadside drainage and the unsightly rubbish on the roadside.

A27 even as a national trunk road does not receive funding from Highways England for rubbish clearance.

A27 Clean Up Campaign Chair states, “The poor condition of the road has seen a marked deterioration over the last few years, with a substantial increase in roadside litter, grit and other debris.

“It’s an eyesore for everyone who travels along it, hence the increasing number of complaints, not only from local residents but also from domestic and foreign visitors.

“While more needs to be done to prevent the litter happening in the first place, through education and enforcement, we need to ensure that the system for removing the litter is as efficient and effective as possible.

“Each of the local authorities and MPs with whom we are working recognises that this is a serious issue which needs to be addressed at national level.

“We have therefore written to Grant Shapps, the new Secretary of State for Transport, requesting that he uses his powers … to transfer responsibility for cleaning the A27 to Highways England.”

The group believes that an efficient effort to road maintenance would be applied, along with the repetitive and continuous cleaning,a cleaner A27 would be achieved.