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Office Washroom, Office Bathroom and Laundry Services

Many customers, staff or visitors judge the overall cleanliness of any business premises by the condition of their office washroom. This is why you should never be tempted to leave your office washrooms unclean.

Even more importantly, the germs and harmful bacteria that build up over time in an office bathroom can also be extremely hazardous to everyone’s health, putting your work environment at risk.

Vericlean’s professional office bathroom deep-cleaning and laundry services team is ready to serve you, whether it’s a one off clean or a monthly, weekly or yearly cleaning contract – we can accommodate any request at any premises.

Everything within the vicinity of your office washroom will be thoroughly cleaned and sterilised to your satisfaction, using the most effective cleaning products and methods we offer.

We will service your office washroom to an exacting standard by getting rid of all uric acid scale, organic and mineral build-up from the inside of urinals to flush rims and toilet bowls, covering all other hidden areas too.

In addition, we eliminate the various sources of disagreeable stenches, which commonly exist in well used or neglected office bathroom amenities.

Not only do we offer office washroom, office bathroom and laundry services, but we also provide a complete range of products from:

Our office laundry services include a weekly, monthly or yearly laundry service that can also be combined into your cleaning contract ensuring a regular supply of clean hand and tea towels, always available.

Last but not least, we are also happy to supply clients with entrance mats in an array of colours and flairs, as well as office washroom roller towels and tea towels that will be laundered on a regular basis and replaced as part of our extensive laundry services.