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Water Fed Pole Cleaning

At Vericlean, our water fed pole cleaning services are carried out with the main priorities of speed, safety and efficiency in mind.

The window cleaning team uses the ‘Reach and Wash’ water fed pole cleaning system, which is mounted on our fully equipped vans and uses an environmentally and economically friendly seven stage water purification unit to process the water used.

It means we can clean windows up to 50-feet off the ground with ease, using our water fed pole cleaning system - and it completely takes away the need to use a ladder.

The United Kingdom’s Health and Safety Executive (HSE) guidelines state that it is illegal to clean above a second floor building whilst on a ladder. Our water-fed pole cleaning technology helps to ensure we comply with all regulations.

The team will also take the utmost care to follow all safety precautions and perform a complete risk assessment before we undertake any water-fed pole cleaning and our workforce has also been fully trained by the British Window Cleaning Academy.

Arrange a window cleaning service that meets all your expectations, thanks to our water fed pole cleaning system. Call today for more details.